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  1. J

    O.B.E X20 Projector Review, Is it good?

    Two days ago, O.B.E released a total of three new projectors, one of which is the O.B.E X20 projector. It measures 236*300*125mm, weighs about 4.42kg, has two built-in 10W audio (supports Dolby+DTS), and supports wifi6 and Bluetooth 5.0. The O.B.E X20 projector is equipped with an Amlogic...
  2. J

    O.B.E H3 Projector Review, Is it good?

    O.B.E H3 projector was released yesterday, let's see if this projector is good. In terms of picture quality, the brightness of the O.B.E H3 projector is increased to 800 ANSI lumens, and the product is equipped with TOF laser focus and CMOS camera module, which supports sensorless autofocus...
  3. Samuel Miller

    O.B.E M3 Projector, 2022 New Portable Projector

    O.B.E announced three new 2022 projectors yesterday, the first of which is the O.B.E M3 portable projector. Weighing only 412g, this projector has a compact and delicate shape that is easy to carry and can be used in a wider range of scenarios. In terms of configuration and performance, this...