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    Formovie Theatre and 120" VIVIDSTORM S PRO

    How can I extend the view to the very edge of the screen, I don't want to leave a small space at the edge that there's a frame showing. I've extended the projected view to the max with the projector's "Keystone" feature. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Which screen material is better work for Epson CH-TZ1000 projector?

    The following four projection screen material are from VIVIDSTORM, namely Obsidian Long-Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen, 3D Obsidian Long-Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen, Cinema White screen and Pearlescent Cinema White Plus screen. Using Epson CH-TZ1000 projector, which one do you...
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    How to choose the projection screen?

    The screen material have white plastic screen, gray plastic screen, Pearlescent Cinema White Plus screen, PVC screens, glass fiber screens, metal screens, ambient light rejecting screens... White plastic screen: Advantages: cheap, the surface of the screen can be cleaned, the color reproduction...
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    The Awol LTV-3500 is a surprisingly capable projector, with bright colors and sharp images. Bright colors; Super clear picture quality; The Brilliant Vividstorm 4K ultra short Throw laser projector screen and AWOL VISION 4K TRI-COLOR LASER PROJECTOR is almost perfect!
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    Projection screen screen question LSP9T

    I'm going to buy the projection screen of vividstorm, and I saw some video publicity. The effect looks very good, ready to start. But I'm afraid there will be some troublesome installation steps. Can anyone who has bought it tell me whether it's convenient to install it?
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    For longevity-would it be better to leave the screen up or have it go up/down each time

    Hi guys, As the title said, would it be better to leave the screen up or have it go up/down each time for longevity. I have a LG Electronics HU715QW projector and 120inch vividstorm UST projection screen. But I'm worried that I'll leave it open and my kids will damage it, this product is...