Projection screen screen question LSP9T


I'm going to buy the projection screen of vividstorm, and I saw some video publicity.

The effect looks very good, ready to start. But I'm afraid there will be some troublesome installation steps.

Can anyone who has bought it tell me whether it's convenient to install it?
In fact, VIVIDSTORM has a screen that rises from the ground. If you buy this screen, you don't have to install it at all, just put it on the floor or a table.
It depends on which product you want to buy from vividstorm. If you buy a floor rising screen, you don't need to install it, you just need to open the box after receiving the screen, put the screen in the ideal position, and then plug in the power is ok. If you're buying a drop down screen, you'll need to mount it on a wall or ceiling. Hope this helps!


If you buy a floor screen, you can just put it on the ground and use it without installation.
If you buy a drop screen,there is a detailed installation manual.
And their after-sales staff was very enthusiastic and solved all my problems perfectly.