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    Hisense C1 projector screen recommendation

    Hi everyone, I recently rented an apartment and I want to set up a Hisense C1 and a screen. But I can't make a hole in the wall, I would like to know what projection screen options I have in this case?
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    Need recommendations for Anker Nebula related projection screens

    Hi,I want to move the projector to the courtyard because I'm going to have a party, but I don't have a large white wall in the courtyard. I would like to know if there are any recommended screens that can make my party more perfect. ?
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    horizon ultra screen recommendations

    Hello everyone, recently I want to buy XGIMI's horizon ultra. I want to match it with a screen, preferably an ALR screen. But I am about to move, and my new home is not allowed to drill holes for installation. Do you have any good suggestions?
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    XGIMI HORIZON Ultra 4K Choose white screen or ALR screen?

    Hey guys, I want to buy a screen for my yard, but I don’t know whether it is better to buy white or ALR for this projector. I usually use it at night. Do you have any recommendations for good screen brands?
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    How much distance does a 120 picture need?

    Hi,guys.I want to buy a floor screen with N1 ULTRA. Suppose I need a 120-inch screen, how far should my projector be from my screen?
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    120-inch projector and screen recommendation

    Do you have any recommendations for a good 120-inch projector and screen? The budget is around $3500. Any good recommendations?
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    JMGO N1 Ultra What screen do I need?

    Hey,guys! I am very interested in N1 Ultra recently. I'm wondering with such a high lumens projector, should I go with a gray screen or a white screen?
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    In-Ceiling screen problem

    Hi,guys!I want to install this screen in my home. Can be hidden inside the ceiling, but how long should I make the slot, does anyone have a good suggestion?
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    A question about projector screen

    Hi there, I'm seeking some guidance on upgrading my projector screen. I currently have a manual pull-down screen that measures 120 inches, but I'm interested in switching to an electric screen of the same size. Can anyone recommend a high-quality screen with good picture quality at a reasonable...