samsung qn85a

  1. G

    TCL Mini LED TV vs Samsung Mini LED TV, which is better?

    Mini LED TVs are very popular TVs on the market today. Samsung Mini LED TV QN85A and TCL X11 QD-Mini LED Smart Screen are two TVs that have been hotly discussed by users. Next, let's take a look at which Mini LED TV is better. What are LED TVs? Mini LEDs are LEDs with smaller individual...
  2. Gabe

    Is Samsung QN85A TV worth buying?

    Samsung QN85A QLED is a great TV, and thanks to QLED technology, it performs very well in terms of brightness. The Samsung QN85A TV features Quantum Dot miniLED technology for precise lighting details to enhance dark details in the picture. The Neo Quantum Dot processor uses advanced AI image...
  3. B

    Samsung QN85a vs Sony a80j: which is better?

    Samsung QN85a vs Sony a80j: which is better and how to choose?