Is Samsung QN85A TV worth buying?


Samsung QN85A QLED is a great TV, and thanks to QLED technology, it performs very well in terms of brightness.

Samsung QN85A tv.jpg

The Samsung QN85A TV features Quantum Dot miniLED technology for precise lighting details to enhance dark details in the picture. The Neo Quantum Dot processor uses advanced AI image enhancement technology to bring fine resolution to the TV.

At the same time, Quantum Dot technology brings nearly one billion wide color gamut color rendering volumes to show you stunning color performance in bright scenes. The Q HDR 64X technology of Samsung Neo QLED Optical Quantum Dot TV QN85A can show deeper picture details and feel the subtle detail changes in bright and dark scenes in movies and TV works.

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The TV's 4K 120Hz screen display provides gamers with a smooth viewing of gaming graphics with low tearing lag, and high-speed HDMI low latency transmission for smooth gaming operation.

Combined with audio and video tracking OTS can accurately understand which direction the sound originates from the screen, bringing a stronger sense of immersion and enhancing the viewing and gaming experience.

At the same time, Samsung Neo QLED optical quality sub-dot TV QN85A panel technology makes its appearance more slim appearance, a bezel-less design to bring shocking visual effects. This TV not only can be placed on the table, the slim fit wall mount makes the TV as close to the wall as a picture, is a TV, but also a work of art.

Overall, the Samsung Neo QLED optical quality sub-dot TV QN85A can serve as a benchmark for high-end TVs, so if you're looking for higher quality TV picture enjoyment, you can't go wrong with it.