samsung qn95a

  1. P

    Samsung QN95A Neo QLED 4K TV Specifications

    Samsung QN95A is launched in 2021 and I bought it as it came out. It works pretty well and I love it very much. I saw that many people are interested in it so I wat to share it. Here is the Samsung QN95A specification chart, believe me, it's definitely a good TV! Model Name Samsung QN95A Neo...
  2. L

    Is Samsung QN95A Neo QLED good?

    Now samsung QN95B is on the market, is Samsung QN95A Neo QLED still worth buying?
  3. Felia

    Samsung QN95B VS QN95A Neo QLED TV Comparison

    Samsung QN95B launched in 2022, is being claimed as the best Samsung TV yet. The same 9 series QN95A, launched in 2021, is its former model. So what has been upgraded when Samsung QN95B VS QN95A? Here is a side-by-side comparison chart, let's see what's new in the 2022 model Samsung QN95B...
  4. K

    Best TV for PS5 Gaming 2022

    How to buy the most suitable TV for PS5 in 2022? We have been testing as many monitors as possible to find the best TV for PS5. Here are the 5 best game TVs for PS5. 1. Samsung QN90A/QN95A: The absolute best Samsung TV for PS5 Size: 55-, 65-, 75- and 85 inches (QE55QN95A, QE65QN95A, QE75QN95A...
  5. Z

    Is Youtube tv compatible with Samsung QN95A TV?

    Is Youtube tv compatible with Samsung QN95A TV?