samsung s90c

  1. Robert

    Samsung Releases S90C 83-inch TV: Features 4K 144Hz Display, Priced at $5400

    Samsung has recently launched the S90C 83-inch TV, with a price tag of $5400. The Samsung S90C TV is equipped with an 83-inch OLED display, boasting a 4K resolution and support for a 144Hz refresh rate, as well as HDR technology. With a thickness of approximately 4mm, the Samsung S90C TV...
  2. Barend Ray

    LG C3 vs Samsung S90C TV, 2023 OLED Comparison

    This article will compare LG C3 vs Samsung S90C. Both LG and Samsung have launched their new 2023 OLED series with the latest technology from their companies to improve the quality of screen images. Samsung launched its first QD-OLED TV, the S95B, last year, and this year's S95C is its...
  3. Leo Lopez

    Samsung S95C vs. Samsung S90C TV Review, What's Different?

    The new QD-OLED series was announced at CES 2023, with the S95C, the successor to last year's S95B, featuring the One Connect box, and the other S90C QD-OLED, which does not include the One Connect box. This article will compare Samsung S95C vs. Samsung S90C TV. Samsung S95C vs. Samsung S90C...