LG C3 vs Samsung S90C TV, 2023 OLED Comparison

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This article will compare LG C3 vs Samsung S90C.

Both LG and Samsung have launched their new 2023 OLED series with the latest technology from their companies to improve the quality of screen images.

Samsung launched its first QD-OLED TV, the S95B, last year, and this year's S95C is its successor, which you can see in the LG G3 vs Samsung S95C. Another QD-OLED model launched alongside the S95C is the Samsung S90C, so let's see how it differs from the LG C3, the successor to the LG C2.

LG C3 vs Samsung S90C: Design​

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The LG C3 is the mid-range to high-end model in the 2023 LG lineup, featuring a premium and stylish design. Similar to its predecessor, the LG C3 features a slim panel and extremely thin bezels that will blend well into your home environment.

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The C3 offers a stand similar to the LG C2, so you can wall mount it or mount it on a tabletop. In addition, LG introduces its 3.1.3 channel soundbar SC9S for TVs, which integrates perfectly with the LG C3 and allows you to choose its unique bracket.

Because of the soundbar's compact size, the bracket is mounted to the TV rather than the wall, and it turns with the TV while also matching the TV design, making it a perfect fit for the 55-inch and 65-inch models.

The LG C3 offers users multiple size options including 42", 48", 55", 65", 77", and 83". Whether you want a large screen or the comfort that comes with a smaller TV, the C3 offers the right size.

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Samsung launched the S90C, a more affordable QD-OLED option than this year's S95C. In addition to the 55-inch and 65-inch TVs already available in the past, the new QD OLED also offers a larger 77-inch option. But the S90C doesn't have as many size options as the C3.

The Samsung S90C has a slim bezel and panel, and a stand in the center of the panel to hold the TV securely. Unlike the S95C, it does not have a One Connect box, so cable management is not as convenient as with the S95C.

LG C3 vs Samsung S90C: Picture Quality​

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Powered by the Alpha 9 Gen 6 Artificial Intelligence processor, the LG C3 OLED Evo enhances the brightness of the panel with Brightness Booster, delivering a brighter image than last year.

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"OLED Evo" is the nickname LG has given to the new OLED panel used in its TVs. The panel marks the first significant improvement in the OLED panel space in the past few years and is 20% brighter than conventional OLED screens.

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The higher brightness particularly helps to enhance the HDR experience by highlighting small highlights. In addition, all OLED panels produce perfect blacks due to their self-emitting properties. As a result, with perfect blacks and improved highlights, OLED Evo panels deliver a better HDR experience.

The 2023 OLED is said to offer further picture quality enhancements, such as AI Super Upscaling Pro, which can enhance any content below 4K resolution. C3 also has the OLED Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro feature, which can divide images into 20,000 blocks or areas, far more than last year's 5,000 blocks. This represents more precise image control and optimization.

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Samsung's S90C offers options for those who want a more affordable QD-OLED, so it will conceivably have many of the same features as the S95C but will be more affordable at the same time. The S90C has a 144Hz refresh rate and boasts low input latency.

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The S90C comes with Quantum Processor 4K to further enhance image quality. Samsung's QD-OLED panel uses a standard RGB sub-pixel layout, while the LGWRGB layout panel.

LG C3 vs Samsung S90C: System​

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The 2023 LG TVs will come with the latest version of WebOS 23, whose main operating system will not change much, but will have some new features. webOS runs smoothly and you can find popular streaming services and popular apps on it. The new version of the operating system has more customization features, such as a custom picture mode. You'll get custom image settings from LG by selecting from a range of images that LG provides for you.

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Samsung's Tizen has reached version 7.0, and the S90C still has the Game Bar and has been upgraded from its previous version.

The LG C3 supports Airplay 2 and Homekit, while the Samsung S90C supports Airplay 2.

LG C3 vs Samsung S90C: Game Features​

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Both TVs meet the expectations of gamers, featuring four HDMI 2.1 ports for connecting multiple high-bandwidth devices. If you have a PS5 and Xbox, you can connect your two next-gen consoles at the same time. both the S90C and C3 support VRR, FreeSync, and G-Sync.

The difference is that the Samsung S90C has a 144Hz refresh rate, while the LG C3 has 120Hz.