samsung tu8000

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    Is Samsung TU8000 good?

    Is Samsung TU8000 good?
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    SAMSUNG BU8000 VS AU8000 VS TU8000 Comparison

    SAMSUNG 8 series can be considered as Samsung's entry-level 4K TV, and it has been a cost-effective choice in people's minds in recent years. Although it lacks some high-end smart features, such as HDR10+, HDMI 2.1 interface, etc.. But if you're on a budget, the Samsung 8 series still performs...
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    Samsung BU8000 VS TU8000: What's different?

    Over the past few years, Samsung's 8 Series has become a great choice for users to balance performance and price. Samsung BU8000 and TU8000 TVs are both based on LCD display technology with 4K resolution. The former one was the 2022 new model (see Samsung BU8000 review) while the latter one was...