smart tv

  1. Amanda Brown

    How to Connect TV to WiFi Without Remote?

    This guide will show you how to connect TV to WiFi without remote. More and more people are choosing smart TVs nowadays because they are different from regular TVs in two ways: one is that smart TVs can access the Internet via WiFi, and the other is that smart TVs can install applications to...
  2. BigZ

    Is my TV a real HDR TV? How can I recognize it?

    Is my TV a real HDR TV? How can I recognize it? Now many TVs are advertising themselves as HDR TVs, but are these really HDR TVs? What are the requirements for HDR TV? This article will tell you the answer. 1. Brightness A typical video or photo is in SDR format. SDR will discard the too...
  3. BigZ

    Are RAM and ROM important for TV?

    Smart TVs and TV boxes have more and more functions now, and many users want to install more apps or other content, therefore the memory of TV is quite important. So what are RAM and ROM? RAM is the memory used by the TV to run programs in the system, and after opening more software the...