sony x90l tv

  1. M

    When will Sony X90L be available? Is the Sony X90L 55 inch TV worth buying?

    When will the Sony X90L TV be on sale, do you think the 55-inch Sony X90L is worth buying? The TV Sony X90L is a full-array backlit LCD TV with a resolution of 3840x2160 and is compatible with HDR formats such as HLG/HDR10/Dolby Vision. In terms of picture quality technology, the new TV Sony...
  2. Mialulu

    Sony X90L TV Specs Review, What's been updated?

    Recently, Sony released the A90L TV, is it worth buying? What are the new features of the Sony A90L TV? To put it simply, the upgrade of the 2023 Sony A90L TV includes appearance, remote control, light control partition, brightness peak and game mode, but there are no more innovations in the...