Sony X90L TV Specs Review, What's been updated?


Recently, Sony released the A90L TV, is it worth buying? What are the new features of the Sony A90L TV? To put it simply, the upgrade of the 2023 Sony A90L TV includes appearance, remote control, light control partition, brightness peak and game mode, but there are no more innovations in the chip. This article will introduce you to the update of the A90L TV, so as to provide a reference for those who buy TV in 2023.

Sony X90L TV Specs Review, What's been updated?

Sony X90L TV Appearance Design​

The Sony X90L TV is made of metal on both the bezel and base. The minimalist One Slate design blends the screen and bezel into a single slate, minimizing noise and maximizing the viewing experience. Sony's seamless edge design is available for the first time in the Sony X90 series, endowing the TV with an extremely slim and delicate appearance. Additionally, the 2023 Sony X90L TV is available with an orange bezel, providing users with a wider variety of options.
Sony X90L TV design

Sony X90L TV Available Sizes​

The available sizes for the 2023 Sony X90L TV are 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 85-inch, and 98-inch. In the 2023 Sony TV lineup, the Sony X90L TV has the largest screen size: the 98-inch X90L giant screen. In fact, the Sony X90J will have a 100-inch version in 2021, but it will only be sold in the United States.

Sony X90L TV sizes

Meanwhile, the Sony X90L TV excels in the immersive experience. The Sony X90L TV has a screen share of over 97%, and with its bezel-less full-screen design, it can create a high level of immersive feeling. However, the Sony X90L TV does not have a camera setup itself. If you need it, you can choose a higher version, such as the Sony A95L, or purchase an external camera for it.

Sony X90L TV remote

As for the remote control, the Sony X90L TV is made of the same material as last year, but with many additional direct access buttons for easier use.

Sony X90L TV Image Display​

The Sony X90L TV uses the same XR chip. It uses 4K LEDs in the display technology and the full array LED screen allows breathtakingly beautiful pictures powered by the cognitive processor XR. In terms of picture engine, the Sony X90L TV uses XR Triluminos Pro and is powered by the cognitive processor XR. It has a wide color spectrum that delivers natural tones in every detail.

Sony X90L TV image

For dynamic video display, the Sony X90L TV has a 120HZ refresh rate, just like last year. Also, its XR clear image supported by XR processor reduces noise zoning and dynamic frame analysis and minimizes blurring.
Sony X90L TV reflash rate

Compared with last year, the 2023 Sony X90L TV has introduced a new number of partitions in the backlight partition, which has increased by 60% compared to last year, reaching 96 backlight partitions. It also improves the dark field performance of the TV, which is an improvement for Sony. However, it should be noted that the Sony X90L TV does not have the anti-reflection design of the Sony X95L TV. When watching the TV from the side, the picture is not as clear as when viewed from the front, because it is limited by the angle.

Sony X90L TV Audio Sound Effect​

The frame of the Sony X90L TV is the speaker and uses acoustic multi-audio to make you feel as if the sound is coming from the right place in the scene, matching the visuals precisely. This is more immersive than a traditional TV where the sound comes from below the screen.

Sony X90L TV sound

In terms of stereo surround sound, the Sony X90L TV's XR Surround creates surround sound virtually using only the TV speakers, eliminating the need for ceiling or upward-firing speakers to get 3D audio. Sony's X90L TV is also compatible with SWABI Panorama Sound, giving the TV a more expressive stereo surround.

Sony X90L TV dolby atmos

Sony X90L TV System​

The Sony X90L TV has 32GB storage space and 4GB running space and uses MediaTek S900 chip and quad-core A73CPU. In terms of interface configuration, it has 4 HDMI interfaces, including 2 HDMI2.1, you can connect it to other home devices, such as a soundbar, and game console.

Sony X90L TV system

Sony X90L TV Game Performance​

Although the Sony X90L TV is not like the Sony X95L TV, it is the official PS5-connected TV, but the game mode is the same as the Sony X95L TV. Following Samsung, LG, Hisense, etc., Sony has also developed a professional game toolbar.

Sony X90L TV game

But Sony TVs aren't mere imitations, either, with options for on-screen virtual crosshairs and motion blur reduction that neither the Samsung nor the Hisense Gaming TV's professional gaming toolbars have. But for those guns that should not have front sights in the game, Sony TV is a surprise, such as some big snipers in CS.

Sony X90L TV game effect
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