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    Sony X95J VS X95K Review Comparison: What's the difference?

    The Sony X95J is a 2021 model. In 2.22, Sony released its upgraded X95K. So, Sony X95J vs Sony X95K, what's the difference? Compared with the previous generation X95J, the X95EK has several significant changes: higher brightness, fuller colors, better black field performance, and more...
  2. Felia

    Sony X95J vs Hisense U7G Pro: Image Quality Comparison

    Sony X95J uses a high-contrast soft screen, Hisense U7G Pro uses a low-contrast hard screen, so they will be different in dark parts, bright field details/black control effects, let's see the actual picture effect of Sony X95J vs Hisense U7G Pro. 1. Black control effect After all, LCD TVs are...
  3. Felia

    Sony X95J Review, Is it worth buying?

    As Sony's most high-end 4K LCD TV series, the 95 series has always been popular, and its hardware and picture quality are always satisfactory. Let's take a look at how the Sony X95J review goes. 1. Sony X95J Review Appearance It adopts the popular narrow bezel full-screen design and side base...
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    Is Sony X95J good? Sony X95J or 2022 new model?

    Is Sony X95J good? Is it a TV that was released in 2021? Should I choose the one or go to a 2022 model?