Sony X95J VS X95K Review Comparison: What's the difference?


The Sony X95J is a 2021 model. In 2.22, Sony released its upgraded X95K. So, Sony X95J vs Sony X95K, what's the difference? Compared with the previous generation X95J, the X95EK has several significant changes: higher brightness, fuller colors, better black field performance, and more three-dimensional sound. Let's take a look at how these two TVs compare.

Sony X95J VS X95K Review Comparison​

When you look at the X95J or X95K alone, they both perform so well, it's hard to pick out the thorns. But put them together and play the same picture, you can clearly see the difference. The left is X95J, and the right one is X95K.

sony x95j vs sony x95k.jpg

The upgrade of the X95K first comes from the Mini LED panel. Not only does it have higher peak brightness, but thanks to the multiplied backlight partition, the contrast of the picture is also improved.

So in the picture below, you can clearly see that the skin color, clothing, and flowers of the characters, the brightness of the X95K will be higher, and the layers of light and shade will be richer.

sony x95j vs sony x95k image.jpg

In addition, the change of color is also obvious. The X95EK uses the XR Terri Charm Max technology, the color is more real and full. For example, in the night scene of Las Vegas in the picture below, the X95K performs better in the restoration of the color of the lights.

sony x95j vs sony x95k darkness.jpg

Changes in sound cannot be expressed through pictures. Since the X95EK has added a bass unit and a high-frequency positioning unit, the sound is much thicker, and the position of the human voice is clearer, which can be heard by one ear.

sony x95j vs sony x95k color.jpg

If you just bought the X95J last year, don't regret it, because in fact, the difference in image quality between the two is most obvious when playing Blu-ray sources. When watching videos that are streamed daily, the gap isn't that big.

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