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    Is TCL Q10G Mini LED TV worth buying?

    Is TCL Q10G Mini LED TV worth buying?
  2. Samuel Miller

    TCL Q10G TV Review, Worth Buying Mini LED TV

    Recently TCL TV launched a new high-end MiniLED model, TCL Q10G. Let's see the review. 1. Design TCL Q10G TV adopts a high-end all-metal brushing process, and adopts the current mainstream full metal screen design, which brings a more open border view from the front. The screen ratio also...
  3. Barton7

    TCL Q10G Mini LED TV to be released, 4K 120Hz

    TCL Q10G new Mini LED TV opened for pre-sale, let's see what features this new product has. 1. Backlight The TCL Q10G is a Mini LED TV. 55-inch TCL Q10G has a 240-zone backlight, 65-inch TCL Q10G has a 288-zone backlight, 75-inch TCL Q10G has a 360-zone backlight, and 85-inch TCL Q10G has a...