trumotion 120hz

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    Is TruMotion 60Hz better than 120?

    When you see TruMotion 60Hz, it's actually a frame interpolation technology from LG. The real refresh rate is actually 30Hz. 120 TruMotion= 60hz refresh rate 240 TruMotion= 120hz refresh rate When you LG advertise TruMotion 120 is when it is doubling 60Hz and adding intermediate frames to...
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    What is TruMotion 120Hz?

    When you shop for a TV from LG, you may see the term TruMotion 120Hz. what exactly does this mean? Is this the same as the usual 120Hz refresh rate we commonly see, but just a different term? This article will answer that for you. What is TruMotion? In fact, TruMotion is a technology...