What is TruMotion 120Hz?


When you shop for a TV from LG, you may see the term TruMotion 120Hz. what exactly does this mean? Is this the same as the usual 120Hz refresh rate we commonly see, but just a different term? This article will answer that for you.

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What is TruMotion?

In fact, TruMotion is a technology introduced by LG for its LCD TVs. To alleviate the image lag and blurring problems of LCD panels, LG suppresses blurred image continuity through image screen insertion where black remains on the screen for half the time (120Hz) or a quarter of the time (240Hz), intermediate image interpolation or backlight scanning, and rapid motion for a sharper, clearer and more defined viewing experience.

Simply put, this means inserting a transition frame between your two frames so that you can achieve a ×2 effect of 120 fps from an original 60 fps only.

What is TruMotion 120Hz?

LG TruMotion= Real refresh rate*2​

Now we know that when you look at LG TruMotion 120Hz, that means doubling the actual refresh rate of the TV. The real TV refresh rate is 60Hz.

When you want to adjust the Picture clarity of your LG TV, you can choose TruMotion. In addition, LG also offers options like Adjust Sharpness, Super Resolution, Noise Reduction, MPEG Noise Reduction, Smooth Gradation, and Cinema Screen.