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  1. Leo Lopez

    LG TV Says WiFi Is Turned Off, Quick Fix

    This article will show you how to fix LG TV says WiFi is turned off. LG TV is one of the most popular TVs on the market, and its premium quality and advanced smart features have attracted many users. You can experience a variety of apps and streaming services using the LG Smart TV operating...
  2. X

    Splash Screen on TV, Fixing Tips

    When using Internet TV, there are basically no other problems except that the network speed is not good. But there are also some TVs that have problems such as flickering screens. How to deal with the issue of flickering screens? Here are fixing tips. How to fix splash screen on TV? 1...
  3. C

    How to connect a computer to a TV as a monitor?

    If you want to use the TV screen as the monitor of the computer, the TV needs to have the corresponding video input interface (including the mainstream HDMI interface and DP interface). The following takes Windows 10 system computer as an example to illustrate the specific operation method: 1...