Splash Screen on TV, Fixing Tips


When using Internet TV, there are basically no other problems except that the network speed is not good. But there are also some TVs that have problems such as flickering screens. How to deal with the issue of flickering screens? Here are fixing tips.
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How to fix splash screen on TV?​

1. Reconnect the set-top box​

Although many families now use wireless networks, some still use set-top boxes. If it is a family with a set-top box, after finding the TV flickering screen, we must first check whether there is any problem with the connection of the TV's set-top box and other devices. Because many times the reason why the TV will have a flickering screen is that there is a problem with the connection of the device.

2. Check for interference with the TV signal​

It may also interfere with the TV if other household appliances are running while watching TV. If the signal interference is strong, it will cause the TV screen to flicker. So after you find the splash screen, check to see if there is any source of interference near the TV. If there is a high-power interference source such as a refrigerator, you can suspend use first.

splash screen on TV

3. Check the TV hardware failures​

In addition to the above two reasons, the splash screen of the TV is also directly related to the hardware failure of the TV. Whether it is an old-fashioned TV set in the past or a new-style TV set now, when there is a problem with their hardware, it is easy to cause the problem of screen splashing on the TV. To solve the problem of the splash screen, we need to find the faulty TV hardware and replace it.

4. Turn to the TV maintenance personnel for help​

For users who are not familiar with TV maintenance, after encountering the problem of the TV flashing screen, they can ask professional TV maintenance personnel to deal with it. In this way, the problem can be solved in the shortest time, and other failures of the TV can be avoided.