tv with camera

  1. L

    How to choose TV with cameras?

    A TV with a camera can provide us with functions such as socialization and fitness. If you want to buy a TV with a camera, how should you choose? In fact, TVs with built-in cameras generally do not provide information about the camera, so we can only judge from the brand, introduction, etc. I...
  2. P

    Sony TV with Camera BRAVIA CAM Pros

    Sony has released TV models that is equipped with cameras like BRAVIA CAM, so what are the pros of the Sony TV with cameras? Let's see bellow. 1. Picture quality sensor BRAVIA CAM detects the distance between people and the TV and adjusts the TV brightness so that people can always enjoy...
  3. Jemma

    TVs with cameras: what are they good for?

    A TV with a camera is definitely better than a TV without a camera, so what are the benefits? Will it cause privacy violations and other issues? 1. Video call The most crucial and basic benefit of a TV with a camera is that it can be used for voice calls, which is also the main feature of...