Sony TV with Camera BRAVIA CAM Pros


Sony has released TV models that is equipped with cameras like BRAVIA CAM, so what are the pros of the Sony TV with cameras? Let's see bellow.
Sony TV with Camera BRAVIA CAM.png

1. Picture quality sensor

BRAVIA CAM detects the distance between people and the TV and adjusts the TV brightness so that people can always enjoy perfect picture quality no matter where they are in the room. Light and color sensors in the TV optimize the picture based on the lighting conditions, allowing users to have the best viewing experience.

2. Sound quality sensor

BRAVIA CAM follows the person's position and then adjusts the left and right sound balance for the best acoustics. No matter where the characters are in the room, they can enjoy the same sound quality as sitting in front of the TV.

At the same time, when you use a Sony TV for voice calls, the TV can automatically adjust the voice zoom through the camera so that people can hear the conversation clearly. The volume of the TV dialogue increases when the person is far away from the TV, and decreases when the person gets closer.

3. Proximity alarm

Sometimes there are older people, children and pets closing to the TV. TVs with cameras can determine the distance of objects, and if they get too close to the TV, the TV will automatically sound an alarm.

4. Gesture Control

With a camera, you can control your TV without a remote. You can use gestures to switch TV programs, adjust the volume, and more. If you can't find the remote, or find it challenging to use, a TV with a camera can be very handy.

5. Automatic power saving

TVs with cameras can automatically reduce the brightness of the screen when people are not watching in front of the TV, then turning on the power-saving mode.
Sony TV with Camera.png

Sony TVs equipped with cameras are not only social and fitness functions, it can also adjust the picture and sound quality. If you want to know more Sony TV models, you can visit the Sony TV Forum.