1. Barend Ray

    How to Watch Movies from Phone to TV without HDMI?

    This article will show you how to watch movies from phone to TV without HDMI. Smartphones provide easy access to a wide variety of content. Many people use their smartphones to watch movies, but despite the increasing size of cell phone screens, they have a limited screen. Cell phones cannot...
  2. G

    U8G and Tivimate USB recording

    I have a Hisense U8G TV and have installed Tivimate on it. I also have Tivimate installed on a Firestick 4K Max attached to the TV. However, I'd like to be able to use the TV exclusively for IPTV but can't seem to get the system to recognize my USB stick (I've tried several). I've formatted...
  3. G

    What is the transfer speed of USB 4.0?

    The maximum transfer rate of USB4.0 is 40Gbp, and the theoretical speed is 5000MB per second. The biggest highlight of USB4.0 is that it supports Intel Thunderbolt protocol and is backward compatible with USB3.0 and 2.0 protocols. What is the transfer speed of USB 4.0? The maximum transfer...