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  1. Felia

    Vizio M50QXM-K01 Specification Review

    How is the TV Vizio M50QXM-K01? Let's see the specs and review. Picture Quality The Vizio 50-inch Vizio M50QXM-K01 features 48-120Hz VRR support in 4K, and also offers 48-240Hz VRR support in 1080p. This lightning fast 240fps frame rate is twice the highest frame rate available in other...

    Can I connect my Vizio TV to Xbox?

    If you are a gaming fan, you will have a wonderful gaming experience with a Vizio TV connected to Xbox. Currently, VIZIO TVs do not support 1440p, but you will be able to play in 4K or 1080P. So, of course, Vizio TVs can be connected to Xbox. For the best experience, it is recommended to...