Vizio M50QXM-K01 Specification Review


How is the TV Vizio M50QXM-K01? Let's see the specs and review.
Vizio M50QXM-K01 Specification Review

Picture Quality​

The Vizio 50-inch Vizio M50QXM-K01 features 48-120Hz VRR support in 4K, and also offers 48-240Hz VRR support in 1080p. This lightning fast 240fps frame rate is twice the highest frame rate available in other consumer TVs today and virtually eliminates ghosting during fast action gaming with extremely smooth and natural motion.
Vizio M50QXM-K01 Specification Review

Gaming Performance​

Gaming performance is further enhanced by the spectacular color range provided by the high-contrast picture from the active full-array local dimming backlight and advanced gaming features such as Auto Low Latency, Dolby Vision Auto Game and HGiG Game HDR.

Audio Performance​

For a fully immersive audio experience, the TV is equipped with DTS:X, Dolby Digital+, AC-4 decoding and Dolby Atmos eARC pass-through, and supports Virtual:X surround sound and Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Exterior Design​

The TV's elegant and sophisticated industrial design features a metal 3-sided, virtually bezel-less design, presenting a minimalist, clean look for zero distraction gaming. The TV stand offers additional design flexibility thanks to its two adjustable positions, allowing users to lower the height of the TV for better viewing comfort, or raise the TV to provide additional space for the bar speakers.

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Stream in even more Quantum Color & optimized Dolby Vision HDR with enhanced WiFi 6E capability and wireless headphone support.