xiaomi mini projector

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    How to connect Xiaomi mini projector to mobile phone?

    The Xiaomi projector mini has a built-in smart system that supports wireless projection. How to project the screen of Xiaomi projector mini? Let us share the detailed method of Xiaomi projector mini screen projection. How to cast iPhone to Xiaomi mini projector? 1. Connect Xiaomi Projector...
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    Xiaomi Projector Mini 2022 New Projector

    Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Projector mini, which starts at 2,399 yuan and will go on sale on September 9. Xiaomi Mini Projector Size The Xiaomi projector mini is small in size, with a size of 95*98*153mm and a weight of 1.3kg; the built-in battery is officially said to last more than 2...