Xiaomi Projector Mini 2022 New Projector


Xiaomi has launched the Xiaomi Projector mini, which starts at 2,399 yuan and will go on sale on September 9.

Xiaomi Projector Mini 2022 New Projector

Xiaomi Mini Projector Size​

The Xiaomi projector mini is small in size, with a size of 95*98*153mm and a weight of 1.3kg; the built-in battery is officially said to last more than 2 hours.

Xiaomi Mini Projector Main Features​

In terms of configuration, the Xiaomi projector mini is equipped with a 12 nm Amlogic T972 quad-core chip, 2GB of memory + 16GB of flash memory. Xiaomi projector mini supports 720p resolution, 250 ANSI lumens, built-in 8W audio, and supports WANOS panoramic sound virtual sound field technology.

Xiaomi Mini Projector Connection​

In other respects, the Xiaomi projector mini supports NFC one-touch screen projection, and the interfaces include HDMI, USB, 3.5mm headphone jack, etc.

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