Кома review: The 73 minute contains a secret scene worth noticed


The old man said that the phantom memory was completely restored, but he did not want to wake up.

So, according to the fact that the last clearer phantom killed the old man, it is likely that the clearer can retain memory, but just can't speak. What will you do when you become a monster that can't speak but can retain memory?

Phantom knew that he could not wake up, so he left himself in the middle, but he still hated the old man, because he became a monster and could not have a new life.

PS, if it were n’t for the male lead, the uncharted tank ghost astronomers should be the first aborigines in the building.

The old man's original intention was to invite the male owner to directly enter the dream to build a house. This shows that the old man originally wanted to tell the male owner everything in the dream. In this case, tell the male host everything in a dream, he is definitely not willing to build.

This dream project helps families with broken feelings to experience passion again.

In the end, the male host compromised and participated in the project. I received a letter from the organization on the table. After all, I had to eat it.