10 projector common troubleshooting methods


Here are 10 projector common troubleshooting methods.

01. LCD projector consists of main power supply, lamp power supply, main board, LCD driver board, LCD panel, light bulb, optical system and lens. The LCD projector, also known as the analog machine, is mainly composed of three liquid crystal panels for imaging.

02. The DLP projector consists of the main power supply, the lamp power supply unit, the optical system, the main board and the DLP imaging lens. DLP projectors, also known as all-digital projectors, are mainly imaged by a color wheel.

03. The reason why the projector is not powered on may be that the power supply is broken and cannot supply power to the motherboard. This situation causes it to fail to work (accounting for 60%); if the motherboard fails, there will be no indication (accounting for 40%)

04. The projector lamp does not light up, what is the reason? If the light bulb is broken, it may not light up; if the power supply of the lamp is broken, it may not light up; if the motherboard is broken or there is a problem with the driving power supply, it may also cause it not to light up.

05. The motherboard is a system that works with low power. When it supplies power to a part, any abnormal power supply will have different reasons.

06. The projector's protection lamp indicator is on, what is the reason? Bulb not working; protection system faulty; motherboard or thermostat faulty

07. With video, no RGB signal or no video or no RGB signal. In general, the signal is charged and the grounding is poor, which causes the video board channel to be burned; the video board or RGB board accounts for 50%, and the main board accounts for 50%.

08. Why are there vertical bars on the screen? If it is a single color with vertical bars, the damage to the LCD panel accounts for 80%, and the damage to the driver board accounts for 20%; if the vertical bars appear in three colors, it is usually the main board that accounts for 70%, followed by the LCD panel and the driver board. (30%)

09. What is the reason for the lack of brightness of the lamp installed in the projector? After installing a new bulb, a machine with a brightness of 500-800 lumens is darker than before, because the optical system has lamp fog and dust, which reduces its transmittance by 50%-80%, or even 100%; The brightness of the high-brightness projector is not enough, mainly because the glass sheet of the light is broken, and the light cannot penetrate through it; the problem of the motherboard will also affect its brightness.

10. Can't compare with new projector after installing new lamp. Because the optical system of the new projector is new, there is a certain amount of dust in the main optics of the old projector, or the glass sheets of various parts of the light channel of the old projector are aged or deteriorated.