10 Ways to Use Your TV Box


With the rapid development of the Internet, ordinary TV has been unable to meet the family's viewing needs. The Internet box has also become an indispensable viewing tool for contemporary families. However, many online box users only know that the box can watch movies. In fact, the box has more fancy ways to play. The following are 10 common ways to play, how many do you know?

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1. Connect to old TV​

The Android box itself is designed for non-smart TV users to experience smart TVs. The most commonly used HDMI output interface is the HDMI output interface. All boxes basically come with an HDMI high-definition cable. Ordinary TVs are transformed into "smart TVs".

Even for an old model TV, you can buy a review video cable to connect, but you need to adjust the resolution options according to the resolution after connecting.

2. Sideload APP​

The Android box is also a product of the Android system ecosystem. It also has its open characteristics. Therefore, the Android box has a USB interface. When installing the software, you can use an external memory card such as a U disk to install the software. The head is connected to the computer, you can also directly access the network disk in the box for download, or you can use the TV box application market.

3. Watch live TV​

If you ask those users who bought the box why they bought the box, the most answer is to watch live TV. Compared with the TV set-top box, the Android box also has a big advantage that the live TV content can be expanded infinitely. Not only has the live broadcast software with hundreds of TV stations built in, but users can also find the source address of the TV station they like to watch on the Internet and import it and play it.

4. On-demand movies/TV series​

Comparing TVs with PCs, when watching movies or TV series, the former has the advantage of being available for on-demand and replaying, and has a wide range of resources; the latter has a large screen and a good visual experience. Therefore, another major feature of the Android box is that it can install a lot of content aggregation software, so that the TV can watch movies and TV series like a computer, and the update time does not lag behind TV or movie theaters.

5. Local video playback​

This is an additional function of the Android box, because the box itself has little memory and no mouse button operation, so to play local videos, you can directly insert a U disk or connect to a computer through the USB interface.

6. Play games​

Although the games on the Android platform are improving day by day, it is still difficult to play games through the TV box, which is mainly limited by the control mode.

At present, most Android games are controlled by the touch screen, and the remote control on the box control side cannot be satisfied at all. Some gamers have to use the handle to experience, but most joint ventures do not have a button mapping function, so the handle will also encounter incompatibility. But now there are many TV boxes that support games on the market, which is a boon for game lovers.

7. Karaoke​

A group activity like karaoke, which logically does not survive at home, is a good example of the fact that early DVD players had this feature but were short-lived.

But with the progress of the times, many enthusiasts like to experience it at home, and even draw an atmosphere when friends come to a party, then the box can actually do it.

8. Browse​

Since the box can watch movies, can you browse the web? In fact this is completely possible. But most people don't use the remote control pad as a keyboard and mouse, so they may miss this feature.

9. ROOT​

Cracking ROOT permissions is something that many Android box users are proud of. In fact, whether the ROOT permission is enabled or not does not affect the actual use.

10. Use a box to work​

80% of people agree that boxes are only for home users, but times are changing and people are bringing boxes into the office. For example, in a traditional conference that requires multiple people to present, as long as third-party software like AirPC is installed in the box, the box will instantly become a screen sharing transfer station, and people can directly use mobile phones, PCs or tablets to wirelessly project the screen. Conference presentations are obviously more efficient.


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Certainly! It's fascinating to see how the Internet box has transformed from a TV accessory to a versatile hub. Its diverse capabilities, from live TV streaming to karaoke, showcase its adaptability. Speaking of transformations, the challenges of supply chain IoT also require a flexible approach to leverage its potential for enhanced efficiency and transparency.
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