2 anime series highly expected in July 2020


How long has it been since I watched the cartoon? Can only junior high school students watch cartoons? No, adults can. Remember Transformers? The end of this month will usher in a new series of Transformers series. In addition, there is a Japanese science fiction short film animation recommended.

Japan Sinks 2020
Release time: July 9 (NetFlix)


The 10-episode animation, adapted from the novel, depicts people's hope and rebirth in extreme situations. The story stage is set in Japan in 2020. Japan suffered a strong earthquake and gradually sank. Focus on the family trying to escape from Tokyo. The original novel was published in 1973. The play was once changed into a movie, taking the path of disaster film. This animation, I wonder if there is any new angle. Highly expected.

Transformers: War for Cybertron

Transformers: War for Cybertron
Release date: July 30 (NetFlix)

The love of almost all boys. Especially for a lot of post-80s and post-70s, as long as there are Transformers works, even if they are bad, we want to see them. The last time I saw Transformers on the big screen, it was the Bumblebee two years ago. Although the plot and rhythm are slow, many of the details pay tribute to the first generation of Transformers. The head of Netflix's animation department said that they will explore Cybertron's vast universe in an unprecedented way. Highly expected.