2 Movie Mstakes that make the film even better-DiCaprio mentioined


What are some movie mistakes that only made them better? Allow me to submit two instances of daredevilry by actors wholly devoted to their craft.

DiCaprio Unhinged (the 'D' isn't silent)


This particular story has already acquired a near fabled stature, but it’s worth reiterating nonetheless.

Towards the conclusion of Django Unchained, Calvin Candie (DiCaprio) has been made aware of Django (Jamie Foxx), and Dr Schultz’s (Christoph Waltz) plan to free Broomhilde (Kerry Washington) from his clutches.

Enraged, he launches into a maniacal monologue. During his outburst, he slams his fists into a table and cuts his hand on a piece of glass.

While the slam was scripted, the cut on DiCaprio’s hand was certainly not. DiCaprio soldiered on and finished the take. If you observe the scene, you can see Waltz looking with concern at DiCaprio’s hand immediately after the bleeding starts.

After the scene, everyone in the room erupted in a standing ovation and rightfully so. Kudos to the cast as well for keeping their poise and letting the scene play out as scripted.

The Lord of The Knives

An existing answer has already mentioned Viggo Mortensen’s broken toe during The Two Towers, but there’s another, much cooler feat that Mortensen pulled off in The Fellowship of The Ring.

During the climax, after Boromir’s death, Aragorn (Mortensen) is fighting with the leader of the Uruk-Hai, Lurtz, who throws a knife straight at Aragon’s face.

The idea was to throw it into a tree behind Aragorn, but the actor playing Lurtz missed and instead threw the knife straight at Mortenson.

Mortensen then DEFLECTED THE KNIFE WITH HIS SWORD in real time. And that is the take we see in the movie. That is utterly remarkable. Mortenson was one of the few actors who used actual steel swords rather than prop ones.

Later, Robert Anderson, a sword trainer who trained actors for sword fighting scenes in movies such as The Mask of Zorro and The Princess Bride, said Mortensen was “The best fencer I have ever trained.”

There’s a chance that Viggo Mortensen might be a bigger badass than Aragorn himself.

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The film commentary reports that Mortensen was cast late in the film. He arrived in NZ not really knowing how to find a way into the character—until he got the sword. He took it with him everywhere and used it as his connection to the character. I think they let him keep it afterward.