3 High score classic movies MUST SEE in 2020


"Good Will Hunting"

This movie belongs to a lot of people ( after all , there are too many golden sentences ), but very few people watch it.
The protagonist Will is a mathematical genius, but because of his stepfather's domestic violence, he has become evasive and inferior, avoiding intimate relationships with others, evading cooperation with others, covering up his weaknesses with disdain, wandering and fighting every day, very rebellious.

Because of an accidental opportunity, Will, as a cleaner, solved a math problem from a mathematics professor and aroused the professor ’s attention. The professor did not want him to waste his talent, so he found him and gave him Give a counselor friend Sean, who uses his own experience to open the protagonist's knot one by one.
The specific plot and details are left for everyone to explore slowly. Although the choice of genius has no reference value for most of us, but such big propositions as friendship, love, success and choice, each of us will Encounter, and in the movie, gives the best interpretation.

What impressed me the most was that when Will finally faced a choice, a good friend Chuck, who used to play around and play together, said: "My biggest wish is that you disappeared in the early morning, and then Live my own life. " He encouraged Will to leave these partners. Although he didn't know much about this environment, he knew that Will should pursue his talents.

Many times, we always hope to get help and resources from our friends, but we never think about it. Are we really willing to pay for each other? Are you willing to fly alone? At least when I asked myself, I didn't get a definite answer.
Of course, there are too many reflections on this movie. There is a reason to put it in the first place. You must watch it.

"beautiful Mind"

Genius is on the left, lunatics are on the right.The protagonist is the famous Nash, yes, it is the founder of game theory Nash, Nash balances that Nash, but he has been suffering from schizophrenia.

The most terrifying thing about schizophrenia is that it can't tell the difference between true and false. Imagine that one day you suddenly discovered that the people, things, things and precious moments around you are all fake. How terrible will that collapse be?

For those who dare to face this reality and are brave enough to move forward, their hearts must be beautiful.
Although it is Nash's biographical film, it is more about his wife. It turns out that love is the foundation of all logic.

Although the experience of genius is not universal, for most ordinary people, we dare to embrace the present and do things well under regretful conditions, which is called real maturity, isn't it?

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There is a sentence often quoted :
As soon as people reach the group, their IQ is severely reduced. In order to gain recognition, individuals are willing to abandon right and wrong and use IQ to exchange for a sense of belonging that makes people feel more secure.
This movie can be said to be "Wuhezhong" in the film industry, and it is adapted from real events.

The teacher in the movie was placed in the supremacy during the experiment week, turning the class into a dictatorship "wave" . At first, everyone just had a play mentality, and then slowly, they began to realize the collective The importance of the whole collective enters a state of madness.
In fact, many readers told me that their university was originally taken casually, thinking about going to the university and working hard, who knows it is such a lazy state.

While watching this movie, I finally understood the reason why a lot of people want to enter key schools when they break their heads. The students of the key schools are not non-jumping, nor are they not black, but only after the kind of recognition efforts In the harvesting environment, their enthusiasm is much higher than that of ordinary school students, and this is precisely the key to success.

Do n’t underestimate the power of the environment. At first you will refuse to be assimilated. Later, you need to be recognized and you ca n’t jump into some environments. Finally, you will choose to compromise and integrate into the collective.

Therefore, don't overestimate your courage to fight against the environment. Fighting for a new environment is the only option.
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"Dream in Paris"


Set aside those eye-catching gimmicks, consider it as a pure youth film.
Because drunken dreams and love are absent from the revolutionary scene, if no one forces you to stay inside for a whole day, the fastest speed through the Louvre is 9 minutes 28 seconds.
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