3 Watching Tips for Thor 3: Ragnarok and movie review :Get rid of the heroic epic fan


Over the years, Marvel has captured this point, and there is a crisis of mountains and rivers behind the prosperity. The routine of the superhero movie remains the same, without hurting the muscles and bones, it must not last long. They had been anxious for a long time, so Guardians of the Galaxy embarrassed God, [Dr. Strange] built a bridge to faith. [Spider-Man: Homecoming] Simply became the "children's Marvel" for high school students who skipped classes to save the world.

3 Watching Tips for Thor 3

Watching Tips for

Thor 3: Ragnarok

1. After Thor returned to Asgard in the film, he witnessed a "play in a play", with high energy from Cass, and the highlights were self-seeking.

2. In order to "create a pleasant and relaxed working atmosphere", 80% of the lines in the film are improvised by everyone.

3. The lyrics of "Immigrant song" by Led Zeppelin in the film tell the story of Thor as the leader of immigration of Asgard.


Thor 3: Ragnarok is fully integrated with a large number of fantasy elements, special effects, plots and character portrayals are quite fine, for the comprehensive use of panoramic lenses and sports lenses, as well as the color, light and shadow of the picture is also quite outstanding, more It is good to show the perfect fantasy story of this cosmic universe. A large number of evil and funny materials have made the audience endless. It can be said that it pushed the Thor series to the top.