400" Cinema, Dangbei X3 Pro can it?


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Guide: Dangbei Projection launched a new 4K laser projection-Dangbei X3Pro projector, as the flagship 4K projector in 2022, how about Dangbei x3pro? We will take this new product to the cinema, compare the 200,000 cinema-level screen effects, and measure the real 4K laser bright color giant screen effect of the Dangbei X3Pro projector to find out.

How about Dangbei x3pro?

1. Can the 400-inch bright-colored giant screen hang the cinema?

Hit the real shot! Dangbei x3pro 400-inch bright color giant screen vs 200,000 yuan cinema screen:

here's the video


Second, the new upgrade highlights of Dangbei X3Pro projector
1. King of brightness: high-end cinema-level ALPD laser fluorescent display technology + unparalleled 3200ANSI lumens ultra-high brightness

The new Dangbei X3Pro projector adopts high-end cinema-level ALPD laser fluorescent display technology and is equipped with 3200ANSI lumens ultra-high brightness Brightness, and upgraded to 4K resolution, the projected picture is clearer and the color is more stable, a proper projector brightness ceiling within 10,000 yuan!



2. Wang fried configuration: MT9669 flagship master processing chip, 4G+128G large storage + brand new Dangbei OS3.1

Dangbei X3Pro projector adopts the industry's high-end MT9669 flagship master processing chip, and upgrades 4G+128G large storage on this basis Space, the built-in new Dangbei OS3.1 intelligent operating system is enough to ensure that users can download and store 4K video sources as they want, while running smoothly.



3. Master image quality: AI color engine Pro, HDR10+HLG high dynamic dual decoding + global MEMC motion compensation

Dangbei X3Pro projector adopts AI color engine Pro technology, with HDR10+HLG high dynamic dual decoding technology, supplemented by With global MEMC motion compensation, master-level image quality performance across the board, the immersive experience is a must!


4. Exquisite appearance: 2.5D skin-sensing nano-coated glass + IML suspended glass panel + 4K ULTRA HD screen printing

The unique design of Dangbei X3Pro projector, 2.5D nano-coated glass, with IML suspended glass panel, the ultimate experience of skin-like touch, and the addition of 4K ULTRA HD silk screen, making the entire projector body look low-key and luxurious , with texture.



Summary: The above is how about Dangbei x3pro? Revealing whether the 400-inch bright-color giant screen can hang the entire content of the cinema, when the Bei x3pro is worthy of the projector brightness ceiling, even if it is placed in an ordinary cinema, the 400-inch bright-color giant screen can withstand a 200,000 yuan cinema The challenge of the screen, as the flagship new product of 4K laser projection in 2022, the surprise brought to us by Dangbei x3pro has just begun. For more new Dangbei projection content, you can also pay attention to: Dangbei Projector
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