4k TV have better picture quality VS mobile phone picture quality


That depends on how you understand the concept of "picture quality". If you think picture quality is definition, then in the case of close viewing, although 4K TV has high resolution, its pixel density is far lower than that of mobile phone, so it is not as delicate as mobile phone picture.

But clarity is just part of the image quality (besides the general also won't close TV), quality also contains more content, such as shadow detail, highlight the details, the screen refresh rate fluency (picture), crisper, etc., the intelligent mobile phone widely used OLED screen (ultra high contrast, show more light and shadow detail for details), high refresh rate, higher color gamut range, even increased TV application MEMC (motion compensation) algorithm, is in order to catch up with high-end LCD TV picture, but there is a TV than the absolute advantage is the mobile phone, That is the feeling of presence, immersion and so on brought by super large screen.

In general, OLED TV, picture quality is better.