5 Best Netlfix movies in MAY 2022


Are you looking for movies to spend time? Here are the latest movies released in May 2022 on Netflix. Hope you will like them!

1. Along for the Ride

The summer before college Auden meets the mysterious Eli, a fellow insomniac. While the seaside town of Colby sleeps, the two embark on a nightly quest to help Auden experience the fun, carefree teen life she never knew she wanted.


2. The Takedown (Loin Du Périph)

Forced to reteam after a decade, two mismatched cops investigate a murder in a divided French town, where a wider conspiracy looms.


3. Thar

A man who moves to a big town to seek a job and to avenge his past.


4. Operation Mincemeat
Two British intelligence officers hatch an outlandish scheme to trick the Nazis and alter the course of World War II. Based on a true story of deception.


5. Senior Year
A cheerleading stunt gone wrong landed her in a 20-year coma. Now she's 37, newly awake and ready to live out her high school dream: becoming prom queen.



Along for the Ride is pretty good, enjoyed this a lot. Believable characters, believable scenarios, nice locations. Of course few of us are as physically attractive as the characters, and a film exploring what happens to those not quite so blessed would be interesting, But this is film/fairy tale territory, so I guess that's unlikely to happen.