5 common projector troubleshooting solutions


Here are 5 common projector troubleshooting solutions.

1. The projector cannot display image​

Check that all cables are connected and make sure the projector is powered on before powering on the computer. If the projector still fails to display an image, and you are using a laptop, you may be required to hit a specific key to activate the computer's external video port: Press and hold the laptop's FN key, then simultaneously press the LCD/CRT or function key (F1, F2, F3, etc.) corresponding to the monitor icon, or refer to your laptop's documentation for more information on activating the video port.

2. Deformation Distortion​

Place the projector perpendicular to the projection screen to eliminate distortion, raise or lower the elevator feet on the front of the projector until the image is rectangular. If necessary, place the entire unit in a higher or lower position to correct the image.

3. Image color distortion​

Press the Menu key on the projector keyboard and select Reset All under the Display menu. If the color problem still cannot be solved, please check the cable for bent or broken pins. If the pins are damaged, please replace the cable immediately. .

4. The entire image cannot be displayed​

Set the computer's resolution to match the projector's resolution.

5. Sudden shutdown during use​

The projector is suddenly turned off during use. If the human fault is ruled out, the projector is likely to be in a thermal protection state. At present, in order to effectively prolong the service life of the projector, many high-end projectors often have the function of self-heat protection. Once the heat inside the projector is too large and the temperature is too high, it will automatically activate the protection state, and the projector will automatically closure. In this state, the projector does not have any effect on any external input control. When this happens, don't worry about the projector's failure, as long as the projector is automatically turned off for about 30 minutes, and then turn on the projector in the normal order, it can return to normal.