7 Giant Movie Plots Hole that bother you a long time


01.Minority Report :Anderton's wife gains entry into the jailhouse using her husband's eyeball - but he's already locked up inside, so his eye would not still have access to enter as it pleased. Any place anywhere that would have any sort of security system requiring anything from a simple passcode to a card key to a retinal scan, would immediately delete the user in such instances from all rights. And would also certainly report on any attempted use of such (retinal scan, pass code, whatever).


02. Die another day

In the pre title sequence James Bond travels in a hovercraft along the dirt road which is full of land mines. Soon after reaching the waterfall at the end, trucks drive up along the road he just drove in on to capture him. As there was only one road in to the waterfall complex the landmines must have all disappeared, as earlier on in that sequence we are informed that the only way that the North Koreans can avoid the mines along that road is by hovercraft.

03.Tomorrow never dies:
In the final showdown, when Bond is fighting with Stamper, the girl is wrapped in a chain hanging from a crane and dropped in the sea. After the boat blows to bits, the chain continues to hang down even though there's nothing holding it. It even keeps hanging after Bond's swum down to untie her. What's keeping it there? Do all stealth battleships come with buoyant chains? With both arms at least partially free, why doesn't she just climb back up the chain?

04.Now you see me:
Each of the four magicians is given a card that reads "MARCH 29 - 4:44PM - 45 EAST EVAN ST. - NY." Yet when they enter the building on that date, they conveniently know which apartment to go to. How? It was never stated on any of the cards which apartment to go to once they reached 45 East Evan Street.

05.Back to the future:
marty has to drive the car exactly in 10:04 but the clock doesn't have a second hand. How can marty drive it exactly when the lighting strikes since it would last only seconds and the scenario gives 59 seconds margin of error?

06.Toy story: why did Buzz Lightyear act like a toy in front of Andy and drop dead when he clearly thinks he is real?

07.Wolverine origins: William Stryker uses a manipulator mutant by blackmailing her,why couldn't she just manipulate him?

Edit1: found few more after thinking hard

  1. Batman Begins: Ra’s al ghul has been mixing the toxic with the water supplies for months,so why isn’t any inhabitant of the city yet affected? when he uses the device to trigger his master plan ,pipes burst sewers explode.What about humans? aren’t we composed of lot of water?
  2. Independence day: David has a brainwave on how to disarm the mothership! All he needs to do is boot up his Mac, write a nasty piece of code and infect the aliens' computer network with it. But how is this virus going to be downloaded? How can a Mac be compatible with their extra-terrestrial, and far more advanced, systems?
  3. X-men days of future past:When Wolverine arrives in 1973, Hank McCoy has created a mutant suppression serum to help Professor X. But in The Last Stand, which takes place in 2006, McCoy is just as flabbergasted as everyone else when a mutant "cure" is discovered... which is a little weird as he invented it thirty years earlier.
  4. The Dark Knight Rises:In an attempt to flush out Bane, Commissioner Jim Gordon sends the entire Gotham police force underground. Why all of them? Why not send half of them and keep the rest on reserve in case that whole lot get gassed or turned into an army of brainwashed killers. Or something. Because of Gordon's thoughtless decision, Bane takes over the entire city. Maddest part? When Batman saves the cops MONTHS later, they all appear fresh faced.
  5. The Shawshank Redemption:Andy escapes and his empty cell isn't discovered until the next morning by the Warden, who takes away the Raquel Welch poster on the wall to discover a hole. I'm not sure what stretches belief the most: the fact that Andy's first instinct after decades of captivity was to neatly re-attach the poster to the wall... or that he was able to achieve this from inside the tunnel.
Edit 2 Tired of different people commenting the same thing, so to clarify

  1. True in Batman Begins you need to inhale the toxin for hallucinations to begin. They have been mixing it with water supplies for months,so did no one in the city boil the water for any purpose(Tea /coffee, cooking)? Plus New York / Manhattan city has this problem New York City.
  2. Lots of people commenting Independance day has a deleted scene with scientists working out the alien tech. Well I watched the movie and this scene wasn't part of the movie, so I guess it's still plot hole, moreover the fact that an advanced alien race' mothership cannot account for it's ships and distinguish with an older shil ring hollow to me.
  3. Days of Future Past reset the timelines, OK I agree. But Hank was using suppressors since X-men first class,even before Logan reset the whole franchise. And my point is not wether Hank's serum was permanent or temporary, it's the different reaction to a different product which delivers the result he want to achieve (to look and be normal)


Captain America: Civil War had several plot holes that made the movie almost terrible for me.

  1. The movie starts with a mistake Scarlet Witch does which is causing the death of civilians while trying to save other civilians. While this is definitely unfortunate, the fact that everyone forgetting how many lives the Avengers saved before that incident is ridiculous. However it is not impossible considering how media manipulate people’s belief in our society, I don’t actually consider this a real plot hole.

    The plot hole I want to talk about is how Tony make the past events sound like they were all the Avengers’ fault while one of them (Week of Ultron) is clearly his fault and other (in the first Avenger movie) is all Loki’s doing. And nobody calling him out. Not to forget that in the first movie the government was planing to nuke NY and no one mentioned that either. So is it OK when suits demolish a city by nuking it but not OK when superheroes cause some destruction in that city while saving the rest of the earth?
  2. Another plot hole is Bucky’s inability to simply stuff his ears with his fingers and sing while Zemo was reading that book to control him. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that Bucky.
  3. Yet among them the biggest hole was Zemo’s so-called “plan”. At the end the movie acted like it was all an elaborate plan devised by Zemo although he had absolutely nothing to do with the initial friction between the Avengers, had no way of knowing that they would fight among each other like that, or if Ironman would be there at the final, or any of the Avengers would be there at the final at all.
  4. There was actually a footage of a random murder that is commited 20–30 years ago in the middle of nowhere.
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