8 TOP movies may tremble you available on Netflix in 2020


When Netflix comes out, it must be a boutique! 12 Niu X movies you may have missed on netflix!

Netflix is an online movie rental provider headquartered in California, USA, and has been rated as the most satisfied website for customers five times in a row. The "Super Sense Eight", "House of Cards" and "Godless" which are regarded as magical dramas by Chinese drama fans are all from this company. In recent years, Netflix has made full use of the sensitive grasp of the tastes of the audience in the entertainment market, and has successively launched a number of movies with different styles and alternative themes. American drama (ten) HBO and Netflix 20 American drama rankings, who is the king of American drama?

Bright (2017)
Will Smith starring, has aired on December 22, the second part has been renewed. The film is about the coexistence of half-orcs, elves, and humans. Will Smith played the police and companions, and found a very threatening wand during a night patrol.

What Wuxing gives is not a plot or special effects, but three views. With the encouragement of the people around me, I can still insist on being myself and doing the right thing. This movie did it. Not as superficial as it is in textbooks, but hidden in the actions of each character. Especially when Ward knocked down the four policemen, Jacob told him to raise his hands to kneel, and there are many more, you can really take a closer look. . If I was a fledgling couple of years ago, I would give 3 or 4 stars. Because our special effects aesthetics have been forced by blockbuster special effects. But after deeply understanding the social experience of being difficult for a good person, I think that it is worth having five stars to see a movie that shows that every detail is doing the right thing.

War Machine (2017)
The war machine is mainly about Stanley McChrystal, the former top commander of the US military in Afghanistan. He was a four-star general who was elected as one of Time Weekly ’s top figures, but because of his inappropriate remarks about the White House in Rolling Stone. Ended his military career.

A man who only likes to fight in Afghanistan seems to be hitting cotton with a heavy punch, and it is better to be with the soldiers than with his wife who has been married for thirty years.

In addition to Brad Pitt, Gears of War, there is Will Poulter of the Wilderness Hunter, Lekes Steinfield who escaped from the desperate town, Queen Tilda Swindon, and Russell, the last flash · Crow. Do you recognize all this?

First They Killed My Father (2017)
It is rare to see a movie about Cambodia. It seems that there is only a "Purple Rain Storm" more than ten years ago. There is a line in it that is still unforgettable: "I chose you, you chose Dang." Add one more sentence: Dang chose Pol Pot, and Pol Pot chose to kill all the dissidents. As a result, there was the infamous red .. color. High .. cotton regime. And the largest scale post-World War II. Government. You. Group. Weave. Slaughter .. kill. Live. Move.

At the beginning of the film, Anka ’s army entered Phnom Penh with the assistance of Zgong and expelled the citizens from the city in April 1975.

Coin Heist (2017)
As a campus idol drama, we ca n’t ask for too much

Although the plot is designed very much like a house, but you have to have a pair of eyes that discover beauty, such as

Look at what other people have learned in high school. If I could learn mechanical design instead of geopolitical history, I might be coughing up bad things now. Thanks to the special education of Tianchao, my youth has been fed to the dog

The Love School Youth League is also quite hard, you tell the truth, if you heard that your alma mater is closing, will you buy two pounds of firecrackers to celebrate? I will. . .

There is a period called the rebellious period. During this period of time, I always want to work against my parents. When I encounter a family crisis at this moment, you ca n’t be self-willed. So this is a family education film.

This is me who can't sleep every day in high school!

After all, there is no youth.

Burning Sands (2017)
The American Brotherhood was originally a glory of historical inheritance, but it later deteriorated and became a place where seniors can insult the younger students. There are so many rules in these places. If it is me, the ghost wants to go in.

It was only at the end that the so-called honor, brotherhood, and solidarity declared by the Brotherhood were shit. The accident occurred at the entrance ceremony was not abandoned by the Brotherhood, but was abandoned. The only role of the film is to make people like me who have only heard of no contact understand that the Brotherhood is just a boring and self-righteous farce of a group of young men with excess hormones

The Siege of Jadotville (2016)
In the war films I have seen, this unit is the most creative: lying on the ground to fight jet fighters with Maktin, collecting the bullet shells to increase the explosive damage, and the light machine gun is only equipped with a bullet as a sniper rifle ... ·

The Irish do like to play hard just enough, but they also have to fight and have wisdom. Irish people who came to the United States during the period of great immigration have mixed up well. The gangster business circles such as Clinton, Reagan, Bush, Kennedy, and the Irish gangster who even the Italian Mafia awesome three points. There are only 3.5 million Irish people in Ireland, but there are 40 million Irish people in the United States.

Although there is not much climax and big boss battle at the end, the Irish peacekeeping soldiers with the awareness of the five heroes of Langya Mountain won the respect of the enemy with their stubbornness and due diligence, and finally retreated. This ending is more acceptable to me than the common mode of tragic war films like the whole death, and this is also a real historical event. It is also good to recommend Douyou to watch the rare war movie stunts. 4 stars

Beasts of No Nation (2015)
Looking at the war in West Africa from the perspective of a little boy, the strength of the script is all over the little boy. The Scout set is just a process, and the real focus is the title.

The Best Newcomer Performance Award at the Venice Film Festival. Director Kerry Fuyong ’s narrative is stable. The perspective of the black doll army shows the war in West Africa. How young children are trained as war machines and lose their belief in life until the peacekeepers are rescued! Most of the cruel shots: the child was forced to cut people, the devil instructor spoke, the raped woman was killed in pain, witnessed the sacrifice of his colleagues, and the long shots were heavily suppressed.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004)
The three siblings lost their parents in a fire and inherited a large legacy of their parents. Because of his young age, he can only use the money until he reaches the legal age. As a result, the three sisters were temporarily taken to the family of the distant relative Olaf, who was raised by Olaf.

The elder sister Violet is an elf who is good at inventing and creating, while his brother Klaus is very knowledgeable and is an authentic little doctor. The youngest child had sharp teeth, and he said something that his sister and brother could understand. This time the three sisters fell into Olaf's trap and were stared at the legacy by this greedy relative. They are in danger again and again, and it seems that Olaf must kill them.

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