A 15-year Marbury fan's comment on the movie I am Marbury (2017)


The film is adapted from the true story. Known as the "lone wolf" NBA star Marbury's career fell into a trough and retreated.

I haven't played basketball very much. Marbury hasn't watched a few games in the NBA. Knowing Marbury is because he has his own brand of shoes and he is introduced from time to time in cheap sneake magazine. This makes me feel very cool.

A 15-year Marbury fan's comment on the movie I am Marbury (2017)

At that time, online shopping in the first year of high school was not popular, and all the students in the family were rich owners, but whether they wore James, Jordan, Carter, McGrady, or Garnett, they would come to me and ask me if I bought your pair of Marbury. China can really buy and how it feels to wear and so on. At that time, it made me feel like I entered the sneake cultural circle. Later, Marbury went to the Celtics. I have also been concerned about the color matching of Marbury II on his feet, including the signature of Ben Wallace.

Well, it's far away, I learned that Ma is coming to CBA, and I started to really pay attention to his performance on the court. It feels like he didn't feel at home in the beginning, just like Ma's movie said he didn't look at the photos. Forget what I was doing in the previous two years. Later I went to Beijing and really found the feeling of home for four years. I have always been happy for him. Every time I come to Zhejiang to play away,

I will take a car for nearly three hours to watch the game and then come back the next day, no matter how urgent the matter is. Many people scold the old horse for playing dirty. At first, he was uncomfortable, but he thought about it. This may be a star who needs to bear Kobe James or even Curry who has not been sprayed by the keyboard guys.

This year is the last season for Lao Ma. He plans to watch Lao Ma's away game this year and go to the hotel. He hopes he can sign my dilapidated "Marbury II". Come on!

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The story of the protagonist stepping from the worst to the palace of the excellent will inevitably ignite a fire in the hearts of the ordinary people who live in the sun. This is the effect of blood and inspiration