A TRUTH that Spies in Disguise tell us-movie review of the most popular animation


I watched "Transformed Agents" on the evening of January 3, and I felt that the movie watching experience was pretty good. Why I like this movie: First, it makes me laugh easily. Every day I work hard, I want to find a funny movie to relax myself, second, the characters created in "Transformed Agents" are very attractive to me, and they all left a deep impression on me, third, the values of this movie are very positive, and it also made me think about some issues. The following content contains spoilers, please read carefully. Here is my movie review:

Most people are changed by the world, a few people change the world

The concept of "Transformed Agent" is still quite sci-fi. Recombining a person into a pigeon through DNA reorganization, although unrealistic, is indeed a sci-fi background. In addition, other high-tech props in "Transformed Agent" are also very The imagination opens your eyes.

A TRUTH that Spies in Disguise tell us-movie review of the most popular animation

As an agent movie, action scenes are essential. The battle of "Transformed Agents" is full of energy, and the final climax of the show is full of high energy. Especially the use of various novel props in the fight is dazzling, and it makes people laugh.

The front part of "Transformed Agents" is quite dull, it is a very ordinary agent film, there is no bright spot. I couldn't help laughing until Lance (with Will Smith) was turned into a pigeon.

No way, Lance after becoming a bird is really funny, mainly because Lance's temper is too stubborn, he will not honestly adapt to his body that has become a pigeon, but has been trying humans with the body of the pigeon The action eventually became very funny.

There were not many people in the cinema, and I laughed particularly relaxed.

Theme of the movie

In addition to the common theme of saving the world, there are two points in "Transformed Agents" that are worthy of our consideration.

First, when is the grievance reported, it is better to smile and grudge.

This kind of thinking is very common in Chinese martial arts films, but it is not common in European and American special agents.

If Americans can all express themselves as "transformed agents", instead of setting up imaginary enemies in the world and engaging in confrontation, but using good faith and non-violence to solve problems, then the world will definitely become better.

The second is who is weird and who is normal?

As an outsider, from the perspective of God and watching "Transformed Agents", do we think Walter is a weird person?

Maybe, but kindness should not be regarded as weird, although research on non-lethal weapons in the secret service department seems strange.

But, because of the special surrounding environment, hasn't he become like it, is it weird?

Is that right!

As Walter ’s mother said, this world needs weirdness and weird people to change the world.

Most people are changed by the world, and a few people change the world.

In many cases, we say that it is because of the big environmental problems that we are involuntarily, and this big environmental problem is precisely a problem caused by most people.

Changing the world and solving problems are often due to the persistence of a few eccentrics. What they insist on is often some of the simplest truths, which are also the beliefs of many people, but most people no longer believe it. In the face of personal gain and loss, these weird people always insist on right and wrong, and then want to change the question: "Always, is it right?" Until the masses are awakened, then the world can be changed.

Just like those scientists who dedicated themselves to the truth and were burnt to death on the cross.