Air conditioner repairment easily done on your own with lowest cost


The service life of air-conditioner is generally 8-10 years, if the motor is broken, you can see which motor. If it is the axial fan in the indoor unit or the fan motor of the outdoor unit, repair it roughly 2-3 hundred yuan; if the compressor is broken, advise you to buy a new air conditioner, because changing the compressor, adding refrigerants and so on, the repair cost is 5-6 hundred yuan, personally feel that if you add a little more money, you can buy a new one, which is not worth repairing. If it is a high building, it is unnecessary to repair it, and the cost is even higher. These are the repairment fees in China, if in US, that would be more expensive.

If the following problems occur in your air conditioner, you can do it yourself without spending money to find after-sales or repair stores.

Airconditioner repairment easily done on your own with lowest cost

1. Is there water in the air conditioning panel and windshield?

If there is water on the air conditioner panel in your home, there is water on the air deflector, and there is water on the connecting pipe, please do not rush to repair it first, this is the reason for the high humidity. Don't worry, this is a common phenomenon of condensation. It usually occurs when the ambient humidity is high. If there are sometimes a small amount of water droplets floating out, wipe it off with a cloth. If there is always water flowing down from the internal machine, this is the internal water leakage failure and needs to be repaired.

2. No response when plugged in

If you are using the air conditioner, the air conditioner does not respond after plugging in. Please check whether there is electricity in the outlet first. There may be a problem with the power supply line at home. If the air conditioner lights up when the air conditioner is turned on in the home, and the external unit does not start and does not cool, please check whether the power supply voltage of the air conditioner is too low. In summer, the voltage of some places where the air conditioner is turned on is only 160 volts. This voltage exceeds the allowable range of most air conditioner designs. So this situation is not the cause of the air conditioner failure but the voltage is too low.

3. Leakage of air conditioner indoor unit

This situation may be because the drain pipe of the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, and the pipeline is blocked by the dirt adsorbed by the room to cause poor drainage, so that the condensate flows back from the pipeline. At this time, it can be cleared. If there is a phenomenon of aging and rupture of the water pipe, it is best to replace a drain pipe (as long as a few dollars, or even less than 10 dollars) and keep the water pipe smooth, the indoor is higher than the outdoor drain.

4. Set 17 degrees, drop to 25 degrees, no longer drop

This may be when the cooling starts, because the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor is not large, the room temperature can quickly drop, but when it reaches a certain temperature, the cooling generated by the air conditioner is exactly equal to the energy loss of the room and the outside. There will be no further drop, at this time, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is only enough to maintain the energy loss of the room. Users need to improve the cooling effect, it is best to recommend that users improve the sealing performance of the room to avoid excessive energy loss in the room and the outside world.