ALR Vividstorm Screen Review: dedicated to classic focal spotlights


I just received my second technical screen from the famous brand Vividstorm , the model: (attention take a long breath and open the ban!) " Electric Tension Floor screen with Obsidian Long Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen material " (close the ban!) .
*This article is first published by Grégory in French

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

It is always a screen that is placed on the ground and which is motorized to deploy automatically from its box. A tensioning system by cables and articulated arms allows to keep a smooth screen without deformations.

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

Vividstorm screen during deployment

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

Tension by articulated arms​

As with the UST model, the new Vividstorm is accompanied by two remote controls: an infrared and an RF. Personally I only use the second option which allows much greater freedom of movement without the need to aim the infrared sensor.

Here are for the similarities but now let's look at the differences. The shell is already modified compared to the UST version. The rounded edges of the first model have given way to angles.

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

New Vividstorm screen​

But it is mainly the screen that differs, with the installation of an ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) technical screen that could be translated into French by anti-pollution of ambient light device. This canvas is intended for classic or short throw projectors. Here are its main features:

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

Vividstorm 0.8 screen specifications
The angle of view is slightly narrower than that of the UST model.

You can compare live versions 0.8 (conventional projectors) and 0.6 (ultra short focal length), using the two attached tables.

ALR Vividstorm  Screen Review

Vividstorm 0.6 screen specifications
I will quickly get to work so that I can offer you a complete test bench for the “ Electric Tension Floor screen with Obsidian Long Throw Ambient Light Rejecting screen mate ” or “ Electric tension floor screen with obsidian screen for rejection of long-range ambient light. " We have already made it shorter as a reference!


Thank you for writing such a detailed description of the VIVIDSTORM on screen for my reference.
Thank you very much for your information. I've been looking for a reliable projector screen brand lately. I have seen Vividstorm on many social platforms. I'm very excited about floor rising screens. Your comments made me trust them even more.
Lucky to see what you have shared, I believe you know a lot about projectors and projection screens. What model was your first vivostorm screen? If I buy an Epson EX3280 projector, which one from Vividstorm would you recommend?


My friend, the information you provided is so timely and useful, just what I need, I am also very interested in the screen of the vividstorm, the function of ambient light has always been really attractive to me