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Amlogic sdcard burning file sharing-available on X3

Nike Kidman

I've been trying to root my Android TV box for a long time. After a lot of Stabbing, plugging, my last X2 Android TV box started to enter because of the ATV card swiping, and it could not flash normally. The original flash file has been cleaned up

The X3 HK1 X3 line rooting can't be solved, so I found the card burning, line brush, and short circuit. Finally, I made the Amlogic sdcard burning swiping package.

Amlogic sdcard burning file sharing-available on X3

The card brush package is also a lot of toss. One computer does not recognize the card, but one computer does not recognize the card. The third time was actually successful! ! ! too difficult! ! !

*Amlogic sdcard buring supports both dos and unix file format but do not edit in Windows!

Finally, it was found that the card swipe to create a file is to write a startup mode to the card, then copy the ROM into the card, insert the card and stab the AV to boot, and automatically switch to the card swipe mode when power is turned on.