An analysis of the relationship between Joe Exotic (Tiger King). Antle and Carole


Joe had two husband (and a husband died of AIDS years ago in 2001, the documentary did not mention), in which her husband John Finlay later confessed to him that he has been consorting with the Secretary of the zoo for many years, and now she pregnant so to run away, and Finlay after the end of the movie Exotic jail, went to a tattoo of a bulldog lover years ago covering the pattern name Joe Exotic, do not need to commemorate , he says. And another husband, Travis, committed suicide in 2017. It is said that he had a headshot, and it was not clear whether he was fed up with the life that was deeper and deeper, unbearable and unable to escape, or was it caused by unconsciousness due to the high drug accident. In the film, Joe was very sad about Travis ’death. He cried from time to time. He choked a eulogy at the funeral, sang the song written to Travis, and po to show it to everyone. He looked sad, desperate for two months . It was not until two months later that he met his new husband Dillon Passage (he also added Passage to his surname). At that time, Xiaoxian was 22 years old and Joe was 54 years old.


It is worth recalling that the film also interviewed his husband, trying to understand their relationship. One thing in common is that when they met Joe, they were very young. John and Finlay met Joe at the age of 18, and Dillon was 22. You can feel from the film that when John and Finlay knew Joe, they had nothing, they were both addicts, and they both claimed to be straight men. Joe gave them a place to live in his animal kingdom, inexhaustible drugs, guns, trucks, money, gifts, what do you want, but only if you can only stay in mine In the zoo, you are not allowed to leave me, otherwise you will have nothing . Travis left a deep impression on me in the last few fragments of the film. He takes drugs every day, has no work, and has lived in the zoo for a long time. He can only run his kart and spray bullets against the lake. Like those beasts trapped in cages, they die while alive . This perverted bondage relationship reminded me of " Bound Me, Tie Me " by Amodowa (the hostess finally fell in love with her kidnappers) . Do you think there is love, and whether there is mental control, I think both Yes . Even after Joe was in prison, he called Dillon, he told Dillon to wait for him to come out, do n’t leave him, Dillon said you can rest assured, I wait for you to come out, you just have to keep your head still on your shoulder, phone sobs and tears the other end Joe Dillon's eyes , even so I moved. If Joe really loves his Travis, why should he make the funeral like a show? Why is he so happy again?

Personally, this is more like his deep-rooted thinking pattern for many years. He does n’t seem to feel that there is any moral impropriety. He loves his husband, he may not know how to love his wife, how to keep his lover around. , But he needs this emotion, so his way is very insane, selfish, he doesn't care if it hurts others. After John left, he said I still have Travis, and after Travis left, he couldn't wait to find another husband to fill the vacancy.

Speaking of Joe and Carole ’s grievances and incidents of phishing law enforcement imprisonment. Many people say that Joe and Carole are Trump and Hillary , and they cannot agree more. The difference between Joe and Trump is that the former has a lot of tigers and the latter has a lot of money . There are too many Drama rounds between Joe and Carole. I once thought that Joe and Carole had secret deals, such as making topics together and making money together.


Regarding Joe ’s hiring and murder, plus the charges of selling animals for animal cruelty, Joe has been in prison for 22 years . In the case of homicide, Joe seems to be enforced by phishing . First, the FBI used both hard and soft to let the businessman and the scammer who stole the Joe Zoo collect evidence. The so-called killer? ? The scammer is suspected to have framed Joe with his men. The killer said that he had gone to Florida for a while, but not for a while. Is the $ 3,000 severance payment or homicide fee both sides holding their own? ? (Ten thousand dollars a year is not enough.) After the incident, the businessman accused the scammer is a big scammer, saying that when the good zoo is handed over, one person is half. Why do n’t you have my share. The scammer used the rented mansion to cheat Joe and cheated the next one. Come here. You pay for it and contribute. Let's open another biggest zoo together?

Looking at this paragraph, I think these people, businessmen, scammers, partners, killers, are really funny, they are covering up in front of the camera, talking nonsense, shirking each other, contradictory , "Do you think I will say in front of the camera "? ? Their interests in the face of an alliance, but also because the interests dogfight, but they can get out, the big deal is less money Well, you see how I would assess the situation, bowing annual Bitchs's yours. In this matter, the media, the official, the FBI, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, they are just a little bit of water in the documentary, and their participation in the entire event, you taste, carefully taste, think carefully. . . I do think he wants to kill people, he abuses animals, he violates the law, he should go to jail, he should be put on trial, he is selfish, greedy, mean, even stupid, crazy. However, only he pays for the whole process of falling into the traps designed by others, and others want him to make mistakes, destroy him by any means, and then happily eat his blood, and no one will admit that he is immoral. Yes, yes, the fruit is yours, and justice is yours. I suddenly felt that Joe was sad, too sad, he fantasized about being the protagonist, but he was just a tool.



Search topic #FreeJoeExotic on Twitter. This topic is currently in full swing. Many people support Joe. Most people think that Joe received unfair treatment in the case of buying a murder. BTW, Joe, as a country singer, I think his melody is good for his "Here Kitty Kitty" mocking Carole Wife and "I saw a tiger" at the end of episode 7.

Doc Antle

Speaking of Doc Antle, he is interesting, calling himself Dr. At first I really thought he was a highly educated zoologist, and then the drug lord ’s wife said he was Mystery of Doctor .His trainer are women, harem groups, to really create your own zoo Beauty and the Beast icon, and these women are to start as an apprentice under the Antle from a very young age, long work without leave, With low income, he changed the names of the women, arranged breast augmentation, and decided to dress as sexy as possible today. This is all from a former animal trainer Barbara (1999-2007) who has left Antle. Like Joe controlled his men, Antle controlled their women, and even more so, like a "cult" empire, his employees thought he trained not only his animals, but also his women, He successfully built a Kingdom, and he is the polygamous King . After the documentary came out, Antle retorted that Barbara was a madman, and Barbara said that I had guessed it long ago, saying that the madman is his typical response, and I can make up the tone of Antle saying "She's crazy!". . She even wrote an article about her experience before, titled "How to Make an Extremist", and Antle once threatened her not to publish.


Antle was also very interesting when he was interviewed by the camera. He almost unabashedly showed that he was a man with strong control, self-confidence, and intelligence. He was even paranoid. He spoke logically, and his tone was decisive. He even advised the photography team in interviews on how to set up and where he sits would look better. "Let's put a lot of small axe around me, how beautiful it is," Wow . He was regarded as Joe's mentor in his early years. He is very good at building momentum for himself, attracting celebrities or politicians to stand on his side, shaping his own good image in the media and online, and preventing himself from being like Drama like Joe. Carole is also his enemy, but he is smart and will not conflict with Carole. When Carole tried to persuade politicians to pass his bill prohibiting private breeding of big cats, he took a bunch of big cat cubs and took photos with politicians. The politicians took photos here and could not support Carole, because that would make Others think they are hypocrites. Wow, what a clever trick. Carole, Antle, American politician, who is more like a hypocrite in time after time?



Carole Baskin

Let ’s talk about the most successful white lotus hypocrite in history, Carole Baskin , who runs Big Cat Rescue, known as the largest cat shelter in the United States, dedicated to canceling the private sale of cats and saving abused and abandoned cats. It seems that her Big Cat Rescue is very promising, a non-profit organization, recognized by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries, a member of World Animal Protection, and a YouTube channel with 1.16 million Followers, twitter331k, looks legal and compliant, and charity and love, then let's take a look at her life. According to herself, her first husband often abused her, and her second husband, Don Lewis, who was met by the roadside-the legendary diamond king, after the five, the old king Don ran home with her for her The original match said they were going to divorce; they established this organization in 1992. In the early years, they would buy big cats from other people to come back to raise and breed themselves, to satisfy their own preferences, and gradually their bases became bigger and bigger. . .

In July 1997, Lewis applied for a restraining order against Carole. He suspected that Carole was going to kill him. It was precisely because he used the word "doubt." It was considered insufficient evidence and rejected. At this time, Lewis wanted to divorce many times. He told the original match that he was afraid of Carole, and Carole was the worst person he had ever seen. A month later, in August of the same year, Lewis disappeared and no body was found. Carole said to the camera that he was a sex addict and went out to have fun every day. He had Alzheimer's disease and he was demented. Regarding Lewis' dementia, the people who work for Lewis are quite sure that this is impossible and never happened. Anyway, the person was gone, the body was not found, and the case hasn't been settled yet. Carole wanted to say something. Joe wouldn't be able to sit down either, he wrote a song and mocked, went to TV, ran to Carole to protest, yelled that Carole had killed her husband and the body was fed to the big cats, or the body was still in the septic tank , Can I say that this song is really pretty good (hurry to listen). Through the restoration of the interview in the film, Carole's younger brother was working in the police station at that time, and no one knew whether her younger brother had intervened, but at least it seemed that the investigation at that time was not due diligence, such as insufficient evidence collection.


Everyone is talking on twitter that Carole might actually feed her husband with her husband

Then the magic happened. After her husband disappeared, Carole fired all the people who had worked for Lewis, took two policemen, and cut the locks of the offices of Lewis and the secretary who worked for him for more than ten years. It was forced to take two wills and two entrusted executive instructions. The secretary said that the entrusted executor of the two wills was me, but the executor in Carole's instructions was Carole and described " If I die or disappear Well, then Carole came to execute the will . " Lewis ’lawyer is right. No one will write the words“ If you disappear, ”because people will only predict their own death, not their disappearance, and he has never seen this as a lawyer for decades. Written . As a result, Carole took almost all of his property, and Lewis's property, no one knew how rich he was. Facing the camera, Lewis's ex-wife and two daughters are still a little bit angry (the daughter's expression is really funny, you can feel her hatred of Carole and the pain of money), they said they only got 10% at most Why not say it because they are afraid of her too, she is too rich and she threatens them. And the next shot Carole said, how can I take what their father left them ( Wow, what is bitch standing arch ). And she is indeed very rich. She has the money to spend millions on lawsuits with Joe, only to recover the $ 1 million that Joe has awarded in a lawsuit infringing her copyright, because she knows that Joe ca n’t afford it, she wants Joe's Zoo, when she said this, I looked at her expression on the camera, that kind of satisfying expression, Wow, was worth playing with.


The above suspicious murder case has not been closed yet. And let ’s take a look at Carole ’s Big Cat Shelter. I ’ll call it a zoo, because they also accept a visit, and pay attention to the high price of tickets, not free of charge . In addition, Carole has a bunch of her fans or animal protection volunteers. It is free for her to clean and take care of the big cats. It is free, and the volunteers have a series of upgrade systems, which are distinguished by the color of the clothes. People with long durations tend to have higher ranks , and even take a year or two to volunteer to go up one level. Joe said he has to admit that she is a marketing guru.


She knows how to brainwash. She makes people think that only she is a good person. The cat is the abuser. And Carole has so far and frequently raised donations on the official website, youtube, Facebook, twitter, etc. According to her own, thousands of dollars in donations per week . And when you saw Carole showing off her "achievements" to the camera, she was behind those iron cages, with one cage after another. Carole's base is getting bigger and bigger. Are those big cats that are always the ones that rescued others abandoned? Do you breed pups privately? Have you tried to train big cats to return them to the wild? The most important thing is whether the so-called charity money has entered your own pocket? Who knows?