Anker Projector Auto and Manual Keystone Correction


Anker Projector supports both auto and manual keystone correction, here is how to do it.

Anker Projector Auto Keystone Correction (Vertical Only)​

Turn on anker projector.png

1. Turn on the projector and enter the main interface

keystone anker projector.png

2. Go to Settings > Projector to turn on Auto Keystone Correction. The projector will then carry out vertical keystone correction

Anker Projector Manual Keystone Correction (Vertical and Horizontal)​

1. Go to Settings > Projector to turn off Auto Keystone Correction.

manual focus anker projector.png

2. You can then correct vertical and horizontal keystoning manually.

correct quadrilateral keystone.png

3. Or you can correct quadrilateral keystone manually.

For more information, check Anker Nebula Projector Forum.