Anyone can tell me what does the projector S / PDIF fiber interface do?

We know that the fiber optic interface of the TV box is not directly connected to the fiber optic Internet, so is this the same excuse for the projector?
The full name of S / PDIF is Sony / Philips Digital Interconnect Format, which is a civilian digital audio interface protocol developed by Sony and Philips. Because it is widely adopted, it has become the de facto standard for civilian digital audio formats. A large number of consumer audio digital products such as civilian CD players, DAT, MD players, computer sound card digital ports, etc. support S / PDIF on many professional devices. There is also a standard interface.

Anyone can tell me what does the projector S / PDIF fiber interface do?

S / PDIF interface

S / PDIF is a civilian digital audio interface protocol developed by Sony and Philips. Can use RCA (Lotus line) to transmit a stereo signal, one-way transmission or Optical (single-mode fiber) to transmit a stereo signal, one-way transmission.

S / PDIF interface is widely used in CD, sound card and household appliances. Its main function is to improve the sound quality of CD, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and give us a more pure hearing effect. The application of S / PDIF technology to the sound card means that the sound card provides the S / PDIF In and S / PDIF Out interfaces. If you have a digital decoder or a speaker with digital audio decoding, you can use the S / PDIF interface as a digital audio output, and use an external DAC (Digital-Analog Converter: digital → analog converter, referred to as digital-to-analog converter) Perform decoding to achieve better sound quality.

What is the use of S / PDIF interface?

The network set-top box fiber interface is an audio output interface that supports the S / PDIF protocol. It generally has the following applications.

1. Output sound source to MD

We can connect the MD player to the S / PDIF Out interface through optical fiber cable. With this interface, we are much more convenient. We must know that the music resources on the computer and the network are almost unlimited.

2. Digital speaker playback

Regarding the playback of digital speakers, it is because the sound card is affected by the electromagnetic interference in the computer and the sound quality is deteriorated. Therefore, the digital sound processed by the sound card DSP is transmitted to the external digital speaker through the S / PDIF Out interface, so that the pure playback can be played back. Clear voice.

3. Perform DVD audio decoding

Although the CMI 8738 sound card already has a six-channel output function, it can also directly output the audio signal of the DVD in order to obtain better results or to connect with an existing home theater To the decoder, of course, this also requires the sound card to provide such an interface.

The above is the detailed introduction about the projection S / PDIF interface. Do you have a deeper understanding of the optical interface of the box and the projection?