Apple TV+ begins to reduce video quality due to network pressure


The European Union has required streaming services to temporarily reduce the quality of its videos to ease the pressure on broadband networks from people working from home. In addition to Netflix and YouTube, Apple TV + also currently needs to comply with EU requirements.Netflix has reduced the bitrate of streaming data recently, and YouTube has also reduced the quality of streaming this morning.According to 9 to 5 Mac, Apple has also recently reduced the streaming quality of Apple TV +, resulting in reduced resolution and severely compressed content and noticeable blocky artifacts.


9 to 5 Mac points out that the reduced quality of Apple TV + is "very obvious", especially on large-screen TVs, which are very different from the 4K HDR content that Apple usually provides, with resolutions as low as 670 pixels.Compared to other services such as Netflix, which have also reduced quality, Apple ’s streaming quality has been described as “particularly aggressive”, similar to the quality of “watching streaming video on mobile phones over 3G networks”.Currently, only streaming content providers are required to reduce the quality of streaming video in Europe, so lower streaming rates will not affect the United States and other countries.As for how long it will reduce quality, Apple has no plans at this time.


UK isp’s have said no issue with the demand and plenty of room to left and have no worries
Services cut quality but not cutting the premium prices paid to have 4K streaming
I can’t quite believe that they have listened to 1 person who is a European council worker rather than listen to the people that provide the internet to us