Apple TV+ Review: poor service experience and poor content reserves

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The "tired" Apple TV + has recently been soothed by the "American Team". On April 24th, the new TV series "Defend Jacob" starring "American Team" Chris Evans was launched, and scored 9 in the opening of IMDB. It is currently maintained at 8.7 and becomes Apple TV + The highest score of Douban in the original content series.

"Defending Jacob" is adapted from American crime novelist William Randy's 2012 best-selling work , and the story tells the original calm and peaceful family life of the couple Laurie and Andy Barber, because Aiko Jacob was charged with murdering his classmates and was in chaos.

Apple TV+ Review:  poor service experience and poor content reserves

Although it was recognized by audiences because of the drama type, suspense setting, starring acting and other creative elements, this seemingly high quality drama continues to be cold in the North American market, rotten tomato freshness is 58%, MTC score 61, hovering up and down the passing line.

From the perspective of North American audiences, the content of "Defending Jacob" is only suitable for shooting for 2 hours, but the episode is to be lengthened to 8 episodes, and the rhythm is slow. Among the many negative word-of-mouth, some netizens also said that the bad viewing page of Apple TV + has made the audience unwilling to come again, especially this episode has not much appeal.

As we all know, before the official birth of Apple TV +, the most familiar Apple audio and video application for Apple users was iTunes. The iTunes Store can be used to play and download movies, music, and podcasts around the world.

At the moment, Apple TV +, which is also designed to provide users with film and television content, is not an independent application. Apple TV + can only register and watch programs through the Apple TV app or web browser Still tied to Apple ’s earlier iTunes store.

Apple is unable to achieve resource replacement with third-party content providers, and the playback path is single, which results in the initial user experience being quite general.

This Tucao has been with Apple TV + since its launch. In Apple TV, Apple TV + is only "arbitrarily" arranged in a channel content, and there is almost no optimization and design for it. Viewers want to find the content of Apple TV +, they need to search a lot, search through multiple sub-menus, and then find all the content in the recommended iTunes directory.

And in the content of Apple TV +, there is still a lack of a more refined interface hierarchy, such as video filters or sub-category classification. Such a complicated, non-obtrusive and non-bright interface search engine will dissuade most viewers from the door.

Even on the eve of going online, there are many small bugs such as the failure to save the viewing progress, or the automatic playback sometimes does not prompt the next episode. Although the problem is not large and easy to be repaired, it leads to the early users' lack of trust in the Apple TV + service.

Apple TV+ Review:  poor service experience and poor content reserves

And finally opened the main page of Apple TV +, and the content reserve problem was undoubtedly revealed. Only the links of more than 10 episode works were rolled out. The huge content library of Disney + 500 movies and 7500 episodes of TV shows is a bit pitiful.

A few weeks ago, Tim Cook once again made it clear that Apple TV + will not rent content (purchasing film and television resource library), so they will not "rent the library ’s programs to customers", which also leads to the future of Apple TV +. Content storage will become a serious problem. Once consumers stop watching original episodes on Apple TV +, they will stop watching Apple TV +. Then forget about it, even a free service. According to a research company, this may be the reason why Apple TV + is the weakest in the coronavirus field among all streaming media.

In such an awkward situation, Apple TV + has even begun to discuss whether the original content department of Apple TV + should continue.

Forbes website media person John Koetsier boldly pointed out that after 5-6 new episodes launched by Apple TV +, it still cannot create an explosive work, which shows that it will not be able to compete with Netflix.